Julie gets “Jewels”!!!

SpringMeadows was proud to host Beyond the Hunt TV for the 2010 muzzleloading season which proved to be a spectacular hunt! In what turned out to be a time tested and extremely dedicated muzzleloader hunt, Rick and Julie Krueter exhibited why they are at the top of the hunting tv industry when trying to achieve true quality hunting success. The prize trophy mule deer was able to elude the Krueter’s on multiple hunts, but they would not give up with only one ultimate goal in sight… a buck the SpringMeadows’ team soon named “Jewels”. Not settling for anything less, the Krueter’s dedication was rewarded 2 days after Christmas when Julie was finally able to bring down the “Jewels”. Watch for more information coming later about this great hunt that will be aired on the Outdoor Channel this summer. The SpringMeadows’ team thanks Rick and Julie for the opportunity to work together and the fun that was had! For more information on Beyond the Hunt TV, check out their website at:

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