Whitetail Properties Success at SpringMeadows!

Whitetail Properties’ Pete Alfano came to SpringMeadows on a mission to take down the legendary Yardstick. The weather hampered most of his first trip in October, however he still managed to produce 3 different stalks within 70-80 yards of the beast but was never able to make a draw back with his bow. Pete returned to SpringMeadows the weekend after Thanksgiving. With Yardstick gone, Pete was still determined to take down one of the legendary sandhills giants that SpringMeadows is known for. On his first sit, Pete was able to arrow this great muley buck!

We want to offer our thanks and congratulations to both Pete and the entire Whitetail Properties company for their great hunting success and the high quality services they offer! When looking to buy or sell your next hunting property or farm land, you’ll find no better in the business then Whitetail Properties:

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